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Kick-off meetings of new EU projects TELLConsult was invited to join

on Fri, 02/24/2017 - 20:34

Two of the five EU ErasmusPlus KA2 project proposals TELLConsult was invited to join were actually allocated a grant in 2016: TABLIO and REDESIGN 

The TABLIO (Tablets for classroom differentiation and inclusion (website under development)) project unites 7 partners from 6 European countries: Belgium, Slovenia, Turkey, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Italy. All partners subscribe the local, national and European need for inclusive education with tablets. The project started in December 2016 and will run until May 2019.

​Its main objective is the development and validation of innovative pedagogical arrangements wherein tablets are used for classroom differentiation and inclusion purposes.

​Partners met f2f for the first time on February 15/16-02-2017 at the coordinator's institute, the University of Applied Sciences Hogeschool PXL in Hasselt, Belgium.

The organisation was so kind as to offer the project team a lovely dinner.


The coordinator of the REDESIGN project (Redesigning educational curricula and digitally-afforded collaborations to promote multimodal learning experiences, (provisional website here)) managed to get the partners together in Cyprus at the University of Cyprus just before Xmas 2016.


​I arrived in Nicosia 3 days before the meeting as the European University Cyprus invited me to lecture at a special session of their linguistics club on Saturday.


I presented for an audience of students and lecturers on developments in CALL based on the main results of some EU projects I recently participated in.

The paper was entitled ' Reflections on how IT developments influence current trends in the use of ICT in education in general and in Modern Language Education in particular'.

The remaining three projects that did not get funded were a bit unlucky because, despite a very good evaluation result, they were not granted due to the limited budget available in the country where they applied.

The prospect coordinators, supported by the partner consortium, intend to submit an improved version of their proposal for this year's CALL. So by the beginning of August 2017 we will know wether we were successful this time.