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TELLConsult's recent conference contributions

on Sun, 04/17/2016 - 15:21

In April I presented the results and recent developments of the iTILT projects (2011-2017) on several occasions.

First at the EUROCALL MALL SIG Symposium ' Perspectives on the integration of Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) tools in the teaching & learning of foreign languages.

This event was organised by Lumina University, Bucharest, Romania. The related paper was selected for inclusion in the ICMAL proceedings book of the 3rd International Conference of Modern Applied Languages to be published by Lumina – The University of South-East Europe.
More details and the programme here. ​

Speakers and organisers had a discussion on research and recent developments in MALL in the University's Senate Room where this photograph was then taken.

Later that month, after attending the PETALL final project meeting as external evaluator in Granada, 

we contributed to the international conference 'NEW TRENDS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING​' organised there by the project team.

At least one person in the audience shared her opinion about the presentation  by tweeting about it :-) :