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Recent dissemination activities for the CAMELOT project

on Fri, 08/07/2015 - 23:23

As our participation on behalf of TELLConsult in the EU project CAMELOT (exploring the potential of videos shot in 3D worlds), 

also rekindled my interest in the didactics related to video in language teaching we gladly supported Nick Peachey's crowdfunding initiative in 2013 for the production of an e/i-book about the potential of digital video in language education.

Also having contributed by providing feedback while it was being developed, it is a pleasure to see it is available for Apple users as of August 6 and will be soon downloadable for devices with other operating systems. .

Earlier this summer we had the opportunity to inform the PETALL project partners at their meeting in Belgrade about the CAMELOT project and the professional development opportunities it is offering.  <here presenting TELLConsult's external interim project review . for the PETALL project team and its coordinator Antonio Lopes and the EACEA Modern Language Projects Coordinator, Barbara Hermans, who also attended the meeting>. And, BTW, we are honoured Antonio accepted our invitation to also present on Task based language learning in the CAMELOT webinar series later this year.

Currently CAMELOT is offering a free training on Machinima making, a so called MOOT . Next academic year a blended ErasmusPlus course will be offered, organised by TELLConsult, responsible for the project exploitation activities.