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ErasmusPlus grants & team training

on Mon, 03/30/2015 - 16:02

 After the deadline (March 4) for schools to submit EU mobility applications  we decreased the intensity of the 3 month campaign to advertise our ErasmusPlus courses on pedagogy for interactive whiteboards (IWB) and telecollaborative (language) learning. When the School Education Gateway Catalogue got published in February, TELLConsult courses were also added to the database of courses for teachers’ professional development. 

Early registration was more successful than in the transition year 2014 but there are still places available in all our 2015 courses
We are glad however that organisations (large school, language schools, teacher training & vocational education institutes) are starting to recognise the potential of the ErasmusPlus KA1 mobility scheme for professional development opportunities for their teachers as a team.

An example in this respect is the initiative by the German Institut für Internationale Kommunikation to negotiate a fully customised version of our course on IWB in language education for their Düsseldorf and Berlin staff. In addition to an agreed 3-day agenda based on an elaborate intake questionnaire teachers were invited to provide comments to the final course programme and define concrete personal objectives.
As the organisation was in the process of implementing a new textbook the opportunity was also used to explore its ICT component and analyse the available IWB materials in particular.
The course was run in the 
Berlage Lyceum (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

  Management and participants (n=24!) were happy with this location as they had ample hands-on training opportunities in small groups 
thanks to the availibity of several IWB-equiped classrooms.

The school also provided a plenary room specially customised both for Windows and Apple users and allowed access to the teachers' room for breaks and lunches. All this and not to forget its central location facilitating selecting city hotels and sightseeing after hours made this venue most fit for purpose.