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TELLConsult's latest project activities

on Mon, 04/20/2015 - 16:00

Tellconsult's representative, Ton Koenraad, contributed to the dissemination of the Camelot project at a number of events and conferences lately. As announced in the February issue of Camelot's Newsletters he was invited speaker presenting on the potential of 3D virtual worlds at the well attended (n >650),  biannual conference for Dutch teachers of French

Together with Patrick de Boer, a math teacher at the data partner school for the Camelot CLIL pilots, we also presented at the bi-annual national conference for Dutch teachers of English , entitled ‘English Education for International Communication’ .


Our contribution Video in Modern Language Education Revisited included the viewing of the video clip on Pythagoras theorem that was created on the basis of Patrick's ideas.


The video was shot with the help of Michela Occhioni at Mathland , one of the virtual science worlds, created by her.
Check out her YouTube channel to see more machinima impressions of these worlds. 

Photos, films as well as handouts and powerpoints of the presentations can be found on the conference website


A brief clip of our workshop can be found here.

To see more (also CLIL-related) video productions check out this section of the Camelot website.