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Registration opened for TELLConsult's summercourses

on Thu, 12/04/2014 - 18:23

Thanks to project partners and colleagues TELLconsult is able to organise a number of summercourses for professionals in General and Vocational Education by way of exploitation of the EU projects we participated in. 

Registration is open now for the 2015 courses on the use of electronic whiteboards to promote interaction in the classroom

and technology to support the development of modern language oral interactions skills.

They are offered in collaboration wth the related project partners including: the Universities of Antwerp (Belgium), Nice (France), OU Catalunya (Spain), Utrecht (Netherlands) and the Kildare and Wicklow Education & Training Board (Ireland).

The initiative is facilitated by the University of Valencia (Spain) and the Berlage Lyceum (Netherlands)

TELLConsult's motivation to continue offering professional development courses related to interactive and (tele)collaborative teaching and learning  was strengthened again - after last year's disappointing results - thanks to the policies proposed in Education and Training 2020 (ET2020.) The number of registrations in 2014 was limited and by far not enough for a break-even course run. (most likely due to the transition Comenius regulations to the ErasmusPlus programme). 

The EU policy document mentioned above includes recent research reported in the International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS) 2014.
Some of the conclusions in this study are in line with our observations:

  • the pedagogical use of ICT in schools remains contrained, and more emphasis should be given to ICT use that supports active teaching practices;
  • targeted professional development is needed to equip teachers for effective pedagogical use of ICT;
  • Collaborative school environments and channels for cooperation and exchange can act as multipliers for the innovative use of ICT in teaching and learning. (via Neth-ER)