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TELLConsult's latest activities

on Sun, 06/22/2014 - 18:30

April, May and June were brimming with activities and developments for TELLConsult.

Recording of webinar on EU IWB projects available
On 27 Feb we ran a webinar to present the outcomes of 3 EU projects addressing teacher competences development related to Intractive Whiteboard (IWB)-supported teaching and learning. Having been involved in two of these projects (iTILT and SmartVET) as a partner and as trainer in IWB course developed by the CPDlab project, part of the iTEC project 'Designing the Future Classroom' run by the European Schoolnet, we presented the resources and training materials the afore mentioned project produced. 
The webinar was part of a series for teaching training organised by Jürgen Wagner of the Landesinstitut für Pädagogik und Medien, Saarbrücken (Germany). See the recording here

Contribution to 2013 Ankara Conference published
Early in April we were happy to receive the news that our conference paper National Competence Standards for Initial Teacher Education: A Result of Collaboration by Faculties of Education in the Netherlands.(Ton Koenraad and Aike van der Hoeff) is now available in the Journal of Teacher Education and Educators (Öğretmen Eğitimi ve Eğitimcileri Dergisi), Volume/Cilt 2, Number/Sayı 2, 2013, 167-194.
It was  selected for publication after its presentation at ISNITE’2013, International Symposium, New Issues on Teacher Education May 9-11, 2013, Hacettepe University, Ankara-TURKEY 

iTILT follow-up project application
Inspired by the great teamwork during and excellent evaluation of the iTILT project the partners decided to apply for a follow-up project and contribute to pedagogy development for integrated use of a number of classroom technologies including mobile devices, smart phones and IWBs. Thanks to the team's efficient collaboration the Erasmusplus application could be developed in 3 weeks' time and submitted on time.


Comenius Regio project Tabula Alba: Workshop 2
In the Turkish/Polish project Tabula Alba on professional development of teachers in the use of Interactive Whiteboards the second 5-day workshop offered by TELLConsult took place in Balikesir (Turkey). The project delegates were warmly received by the local Educational Authority  and invited for lunch and dinner by the mayor.  
I personally had the pleasure to exchange ideas on language teaching with the mayor at lunch as he, as owner of a chain of language schools in Turkey, was most interested in new pedagogical ideas. I shared information about my experiences with language teacher development related to the integration of ICT in language departments at schools and in Teacher Education. And in that respect my involvement with related innovative EU projects on 3D virtual worlds (e.g. Euroversity) and Interactive Whiteboards (iTILT). We also discusssed potential further collaboration in future EU project applications. 
Contribution to Eurocall Special interest Group on Teacher education
Regrettably I could not attend this SIG meeting. However the organisers were kind enough to include our paper on National Competence Standards for Initial Teacher Education in the Netherlands and use it a source in the plenary discussions.
TISLID'14 conference in Spain
In the beginning of May we attended the TISLID'14 conference 'Technological Innovation for Specialized Linguistc Domainsat the University of Salamanca (USAL) in Ávila (Spain). One of the reasons to select this conference was our intention to disseminate the Camelot project and discuss machinima ideas and applications for content oriented language learning approaches and CLIL.
So with several delegates I elaborated on this. E.g. with the coordinator of the eCLIL project I discussed the idea that Camelot could offer the production of additional 3D visualisation elements for the storyline as developed in their project. I also contacted the coordinator of the ClipFlair project. They are interested in collaboration and see a win/win as they could do with more Open Source video materials.
To a number of colleagues, I sent follow-up mails and -to help them develop ideas and/or in case 3D worlds and machinima were new to them - suggested to have a look at the resource collection I am curating for data partners to provide them with examples and list tools we can use to edit and enrich machinima content. I particularly recommended to view some of the machinima examples. EuroCALL MALL SIG
At the subsequent meeting of the EuroCALL special interest group on Moble technolgies (MALL SIG) at this conferenceI contributed a PechaKucha presentation on using mobile devices for the assessment of and for oral EFL oral skills development. This was on the results of an exploratory pilot project we developed for the English for Kids Foundation a while ago.
Paper on future of Language Education published in EuroCALL review 
With pleasure we accepted the Invitation by the editor of The  EuroCALL Review in November 2013 to also submit an extended, audio-enhanced version of our publication 'Koenraad, A.L.M. (2013b). Expert Views on How Language Education May Develop in the Next 20 Years and What CALL Could Contribute'. In L. Bradley & S. Thouësny (Eds.), 20 Years of EUROCALL: Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future. Proceedings of the 2013 EUROCALL Conference, Évora, Portugal (pp. 141-148). Dublin/Voillans: © It is now available in Volume 21, no 1, March 2014.

Contributions to the KLPA 2014 conference
We were invited to deliver two plenary contributions to the 8th International Conference INNOVATING LANGUAGE TEACHING AND LEARNING IN EUROPE: DIVERSITY, QUALITY, MOBILITY, EMPLOYABILITY, 9–10 June 2014, Vilnius.
The first day of this conference, organised by the Association of Lithuanian language teachers, took place at the House of Parliament where we participated in the discussion on developments in language education in Europe.
The next day I had the pleasure to present the paper 'Approaches and results of two EU projects promoting effective interactive whiteboard use in language and vocational education'  on behalf of a team of authors, partners both from the iTILT and the SmartVET project..   .

Organisation of Dutch Conference on virtual worlds in education started
In collaboration with the research group on pedagogy for language education in a changing learning enviroment at the Teacher Education Faculty of Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg, Netherlands we started the organisation of a Euroversity project event in the Netherlands on educational use of virtual worlds planned on November 13, 2014  For a description and call for papers in English see this announcement at the EuroCALL/Calico Virtual Worlds SIG Ning page

Summercourses 2014 cancelled
There were also some disappointments.
At a relatively late stage we had to cancel most of the summercourses we annually organise with our EU project partners. Quite a few course applicants had to withdraw their couse pre-registration as the EU internationalisation plan submitted by their school appeared to be not eligible. We expect to be more successful next year as the EU ErasmusPlus CALL 2015 will hopefully be published well in advance of the application deadline this time.