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TELLConsult's recent activities to support the exploitation of its EU projects

on Sat, 06/14/2014 - 20:12

Webinar on EU projects for Interactive Whiteboard teacher training

Not long after we had started advertising our EU fundable courses on IWB training for inservice training in Valencia I got invited by Jürgen Wagner to contribute to a most interesting, free access Webinar programme for the federal State Institute for Pedagogy and Media Pädagogy in Saarbrücken (Germany). We submitted the following proposal: 

Approaches and materials for Interactive Whiteboard professional development in 3 EU projects 


In this webinar we present the outcomes of 3 EU projects addressing teacher competences development related to Intractive Whiteboard (IWB)-supported teaching and learning. Two of these projects (iTILT and SmartVET) each had a specific target group, language and vocational professionals respectively.
In the third project, CPDlab, part of the iTEC project 'Designing the Future Classroom' run by the European Schoolnet, a generic course was developed and piloted targeted at teachers across school desciplines and educational sectors. Having been involved in all of them we conclude by describing a number of EU fundable summercourses we are coordinating, based on the best practices and training materials the afore mentioned project produced.
On February 27 some 20 peple attended the webinar session which was kindly moderated by iTILT partner and friend Shona Whyte.
Find the recordings here.
8th International Conference organised by the Lithuanian association of language teachers
On the first day we were invited to be on an international panel 
 at the Lithuanian Parliament to discuss language education policies and national developments
On day 2, in a plenary session, we could present our paper contribution
'Approaches and results of two EU projects promoting effective interactive whiteboard use in language and vocational education' 
collaboratively developed by some partners both from the iTILT and the SmartVET project. 

At the end of the presentation we announced the 2015 update of our Summercourse programme, featuring courses in Valencia on both projects. 
Download the paper that will also be published on the Conference website.
During the poster session we also had a chance to present the newly started Camelot projec
and invite colleagues to define ideas for machinima that would contribute to their teaching practice.