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Course (Pre)-Registrations

All data you enter in this application form will be treated confidentially.
Leave blank if not applicable
This may be relevant for applicants who need signed & stamped documents such as payment confirmations or attendance testimonials e.g. for Erasmus Plus Project reports.
For instance: 12/07/1963 N.B. We need these and some other data below to meet EU National Agencies' requirements for course related, formal documents (such as registration & attendance testimonials)
A person in your organisation who is responisible for the payment of (Erasmsus+) course participation by colleagues. Or - in case you do not know- someone whose authorisation is needed for your course participation, e.g. your manager or the mobility / internationalisation officer. If you cover the costs yourself please fill in your own name here.
In case you want to pre-register more teachers for the course(s) you selected provide the number below and we will contact you
Multiple choices possible