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Graham Davies remembered at EUROCALL 2012 conference

on Sun, 09/02/2012 - 13:44

Attended the 2012 EUROCALL conference late August, in Gothenburg, Sweden.  

Representing TELLConsult as partner in a number of current and previous EU projects (iTILT, EUROVERSITY, NIFLAR) I did some project dissemination activities and promotion work for current (NIFLAR) and future (iTILT) Comenius courses I am coordinating.
More info about the 2012 courses on MFL speaking competences & Technology here.
Not having submitted a paper myself this time I could also concentrate better on the sessions I selected (see my #eurocall tweets here). Among them, of course,  the presentations on Interactive whiteboards in Language Education by my projectpartners Euline Cutrim Schmid (Heidelberg University of Education) and Shone White (Nice University). For more info on their papers see this blogpost at the iTILT site. 
After an extra day for sightseeing I returned, pleased with the input and happy about the yearly encounter with so many EUROCALL colleagues and friends. E.g. on the right with Mirjam Hauck.
Also a special mention here of Piet Desmet as it was such a long time no see. And because he brought quite a few University of Leuven/KULAK project team members I got acquainted with over the years and with whom I will be collaborating with soon as consultant in the GOBL project on mini-games for language learning. 
In addition to the formal Gramham Davies remembrance moment during the plenary opening there were also several moments during the conference that elicited personal memories of activities I shared with my old time colleague and friend.
For instance the moment in Bordeaux (2010) when we both were inspecting the rooms for our pre-conference workshop and he offered to document my moment of confrontation with the 'under construction'-state of my IWB workshop setting.
Or, a year later in Nottingham, attending a workshop on 3D worlds, our common interest,
and here, below, sharing a dinnertable at that same EUROCALL conference (2011)
It is only a year ago that I had the pleasure of interviewing him and other international MFL experts for a symposium about the future of language education as part of the first centennial of the Dutch national Association of Language Teachers ‘Levende Talen’.
View or download the summary and/or listen to one of his comments on developments related to interactive and mobile technologies.
As a tribute to him and his impressive contribution to CALL I offered the EUROCALL Executive Board to help out with finding solutions to keep the ICT4LT site accessible and up to date.