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TELLConsult visited schools in SA Swellendam area

on Mon, 02/06/2012 - 15:52

Thanks to introductions from Adriaan Mocke, Board director of the Olyfkrans College in Swellendam (see picture on the right here) 

I could visit Hoërskool Swellendam and Swellendam Senior Sekondere Skool.

Representing the Anglia Europe Network and the English for Kids Foundation (EFKF) my mission was to explore project development opportunities for both these organisations. 

At Swellendam secondary school I spoke to the principal, Mr. Adonis, and the head of the English Language Department, Ms James. 

They were interested in both ventures and wanted to set up an EFKF-facilitated, pilot project to give selected pupils a chance to get the Anglia Certificates.

After being introduced to the Anglia Europe and English for Kids activities  the principal and the English 

Language teacher at Hoërskool Swellendam opted to elaborate on the opportunities the Anglia Network offers to develop a telecollaborative project with one of the member schools.

When hearing about EFKF's mission they suggested to introduce me to a teacher at a farm school in the neighbourhood as -in their view- this organisation stood a better chance to qualify for EFKF funding criteria.

So two days later I had a meeting with Pieter Man, who teaches English at the farm school 'Slangeveer', some 50 kms from Swellendam. I interviewed him to get an idea of the school's (lack of) facilities and the living conditions of the pupils that attend it.

We also discussed possible ways EFKF could support the school and further conditions for learning English in particular.

It was arranged with all parties that I would first present the concept ideas discussed to the management of Anglia Europe and EFKF and would then report back and assist in further project development of those ideas for which their support is most feasible.  

Finally, discussing my work/holiday activities with him I also got support from the host at the BloomEstate B&B resort we stayed at. He offered to help out locally if needed and could also introduce EFKF to the Railton Foundation in case the organisation would prefer to 

 support existing local initiatives rather than initiate one itself.