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TELLConsult invited by Utrecht University to develop summercourse on NIFLAR project results

on Thu, 11/10/2011 - 18:33

Having been a partner in the EU project NIFLAR TELLConsult gladly accepted Utrecht University’s  invitation to develop a summercourse to disseminate the results of its most successful EU project NIFLAR on video web communication and 3D virtual worlds in language education.

The initiative is a joint venture of The Department of Modern Languages and the Centre for Teaching and Learning of Utrecht University in collaboration with the Faculty of Education of Valencia University and the Utrecht Summerschool

As a first step we have defined the focus and title of the course: Methodologies & Technologies to promote oral communication in Language Education

Also the dates have been decided. Since we intend to also offer it as a Comenius course there will be two options in time and place to attend the course: in Utrecht the first week in July (week 27) and in Valencia, the second week in October (week 42). 

 In this way it is hoped that more language teachers can apply for an EU grant and are in a position to attend.

Meanwhile we are also getting the team together.  NIFLAR coordinator Kristi Jauregi  and language pedagogy researcher Rick de Graaff, both Utrecht University scholars, have reserved time to contribute.

3D developer, Nick Zwart, who manages several 3D educational locations including the Language Village 2.0 Chatterdale and  NIFLAR 3 Sims will also be available to introduce participants into 3D worlds. 
Valencia University will be respresented by Jenny García Devís.

I have also approached TELLConsult's project partners and friends,  Graham Stanley and Joe Dale, both widely recognised ICT and Modern languages specialists, to contribute as guest lecturers. They were both most pleased to block their agendas in advance while we are defining in more detail for which components of the course contents they could best provide input and guidance. 

More information soon on the Utrecht SummerSchool site.

Having very dear memories of previous summercourses I organised, including the Comenius course 'Designing activities for the 2.0 Language Classroom'  for Hogeschool Utrecht I am already looking forward to these exciting, face-to-face professional knowledge sharing events with practitioners from all over Europe and beyond.