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Sankore's open-source authoring software presented at Salon Solutions Linux Open Source 2011

on Sun, 06/12/2011 - 00:01


For more information about this initiative in French click here for its webportal and/or view this YouTube interview
Thanks to another relevant Twitter follower I found out about The Sankoré program. It is a French initiative to share the revolution of digital education with Africa. The activities, started in January 2009 in Bamako, are supported through the Groupement d’Intérêt Public pour l’Education Numérique en Afrique (GIPENA) and the Délégation Interministérielle à l’Education Numérique en Afrique (DIENA).
Sankoré is:
  • a program to equip African schools with digital classrooms
  • an ecosystem for creating and sharing open digital education resources
  • a force to create new schools and train new teachers using digital education to reach the Millennium Goals for education on the African continent.
The fundamental goal is that the resources are available freely but that they can also freely be modified by anyone that wants to improve or adapt them from their original. Therefore a creative commons licence is used so that free educational content to teachers all around the world can be offered. For more details on current activities also see this tweet by PREMITA LEELACHAND
One of its deliverables is an open-source software suite which enables teacher to create open resources. The creators like to call it  “the Firefox of educational software”
The software suite comprises three tools:
  • a universal Interactive Whiteboard application;
  • a lesson and course designer with a tutorial and all the tool needed to build a teaching scenario;
  • an editor for creating and publishing a sequence or course with interactive teaching animations.
As the project and 
its tools match well with my involvement on behalf of TELLConsult with promoting language learning with digital, interactive (classroom) technologies in developing countries (EFKF) and the use of  Interactive Whiteboards (EU project iTILT) I played around briefly with the  Sankoré software, version 3.1.
First impression: highly intuitive, so without any documentation I could create the start of an IWB page in one minute.