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WebSwami & MFL oral skills training

on Wed, 05/25/2011 - 21:42

As advisor of Anglia Network Europe TELLConsult  is involved in researching technologies and coaching experiments to facilitate training and assessment of EFL oral skills. In this context a first pilot using mobile phones was carried out using Learnosity, the results of which were also presented at the 2010 GLOCALL conference in Kota Kinabulu, Malaysia.

The recent WebSwami update and its adoption of LTI, through which WebSwami will automatically integrate with the large majority of the leading LMS including Blackboard,  Sakai and - Moodle of course - was reason for us to recommend researching the WebSwami functionalities for Anglia's ambitions to making its speaking practice materials available to a larger audience and to facilitate a more flexible delivery of fully certified assessments.

It is expected that these and future project results will also contribute to the knowledge base for the technology-supported oral skills curriculum. This will be most welcome as previous local research (Corda, Koenraad & Visser, 2009) has shown that ICT-tools to support oral proficiency development are underused.