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Website Koenraad info & TELLConsult migrated

on Sat, 08/13/2016 - 22:43
As USA-based, Drupal Hosting service Acquia suddenly decided to stop their Drupal Gardens support I have been busy with the transfer of my webportal @ to BlueHost , as recommended.
With the help of some online help sessions and this BlueHost help file: most stuff seemed to work at some point except for two vital things: access to my actual Drupal site and the rendering of the theme I had selected.
BlueHost (specialist) supporters I(MO) appeared not to be able/or allowed to spend enough time to solve things :-/ . Finally, all is well now, thanks to the volunteer help of Dennis Cohn , a member of the Dutch Drupal community.

​Pff what a stressful week, the more as this site also provides the registration facilities for our Erasmus+ professional development courses!