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Various TELL activities this summer

on Mon, 08/31/2015 - 23:07

PETALL Meeting in Belgrade

In Belgrade we presented TELLConsult's external interim evaluation report about the EU project PETALL. on developing & implementing activities for task based language learning in actual school practices across Europe.

Enjoyed both being present at the project's second meeting and our extended private visit to this great Servian city.


Interview for CAMELOT project

Got interviewed by Christel Schneider (CSiTrain) for the CAMELOT interview series on my views on language learning with technology and the potential Machinima in particular. As we are also partner in this project and TELLConsult is responsible for the exploitation of the project's results my perspective focussed on the take up of the machinima concept in mainstream education and the related implementation issues.

Eurocall conference in Padova

Presented the results of the iTILT project (2011-2013) and ways to exploit them in pre- & inservice teacher education at the EUROCALL 2015 Conference in Padova, Italy…/si…/eurocall-2015/website/home/.

Also introduced the aims, design & interim products of the follow up, 3-year project 'Interactive Teaching in Languages with Technologies' (with the same acronym: iTILT (2014 -2017) exploring the potential of other touch & mobile technologies in the language classroom. 
We enjoyed the conference as it was inspiring in terms of input but also because we met a lot of our international colleagues again.
Furthermore, luckily the Biennale in Venice was on so we used the opportunity to visit the various international contributions.
Impressive and unsettling here & there.