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TELLConsult supports EU project bid on 3D learning

on Mon, 04/04/2011 - 22:48

TELLConsult joined a partnership of eighteen European partners in applying for an EU network grant in the LifeLong Learning Programme.

The network is made up of a variety of organisations (such as the Universities of Utrecht and Manchester, Talkademy, Umeå University, and FOR.COM and many more) that have had significant experience of the use of 2D/3D virtual worlds in learning and teaching contexts (among others in European projects such as AVALON, AVATAR, START, LANCELOT and NIFLAR).

The aim of this project is to establish a network designed to collaboratively share good practice in virtual worlds, with the wider community of interested organisations/individuals across disciplinary boundaries, and at different levels of education.  The partner experiences will be shared in the creation of a good practice framework.  This will help to guide those new to virtual worlds in understanding how to make best use of virtual spaces in learning and teaching.and then to evaluate this guidance with some of the partners who have more limited experience of teaching in these virtual environments.

TELLConsult is committed to contribute to:

  • the further exploration of the Open Sim platform and Grid affordances for language learning 
  • the scaling up of EduSim-NL, the national community of HE practitioners of 3D supported education.
  • sharing of expertise in 3D communicative games design with and further development of related local CoPs and SIGs such as the Virtuality SIG
  • the dissemination and implementation of VLang insights, materials and facilities in Dutch secondary education by closely collaborating with parties with similar missions such as digischool 3D