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TELLConsult joined EU CALL project application

on Sun, 04/17/2011 - 23:25

Utrecht University invited TELLConsult to join its new initiative to scale up facilities and know-how developed in the NIFLAR project
The project aims to contribute to the challenges of the Lisbon main strategy (2000) by further improving telecollaboration among peers at secondary educational level and the innovation of teacher training programmes. 

Its experiences with telecollaboration in the NIFLAR and the MiCALL project will allow TELLConsult to make a relevant contribution. 

This new project seeks to:

  1. innovate, enrich and make more attractive and effective foreign language teaching programs at secondary schools by stimulating telecollaboration for intercultural awareness with peers of other cultures.
  2. empower teacher training programmes for developing ICT literacy skills and organizational, pedagogical and intercultural competences of (student) teachers for telecollaboration, by promoting experiential learning.
  3. study the possible added value telecollaboration might have in language learning for intercultural understanding of younger learners.

Project partners will experiment with different but complementary telecollaboration tools that allow both asynchronous (social media, such as Facebok or Ning, Youtube) and synchronous (videowebcommunication or virtual worlds) communication, taking advantage of the specific affordances they offer. Flexibility and openness will be a target to be respected during project processes, as schools will experiment with the different tools but will have the freedom to choose for integration in the foreign language programmes those tools that best fit in their educational system and best respond to their learners’ specific needs and learning styles. 

The project focuses on two target groups: young foreign language learners at secondary schools and pre- and in-service teachers. The project tries to take full advantage of younger age learners for stimulating fluency practices for meaningful language use and intercultural dialogue with peers through telecollaboration.