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TELLConsult involved in Comenius Regio project application 'TABULA ALBA'

on Sun, 02/24/2013 - 13:26

TELLConsult got invited to organise four course weeks in the period 2013-2015 in the train-the-trainer programme planned for the project 'Tabula Alba'.
A Polish and a Turkish regio decided to collaborate in an application of a Comenius project targeted at continuing professional development of staff of a number of local schools in the field of ICT and IWB in particular.
One of the arguments for this initiative runs as follows: 

'According to the report of Euridice ‘Key Data on Learning and Innovation through ICT at School in Europe 2011’ both Poland and Turkey do not apply modern technological developments in education in sufficient degree. The project Tabula Abla gives a chance to Polish and Turkish teachers and students to study the technological solutions applied in IWB, makes available ’know-how’ worked out in European projects (eg. Interactive Technologies in Language Teaching ) and other European educational institutions and enables to set up a common website where the materials will be published and the cooperation will be continued. The most important elements are the possibility of making the good, verified resources and solutions available to the teachers and the chance to meet the best European specialists in ICT in education. The other advantage is the increased possibility to engage higher number of teachers in the training and to disseminate of the project results among the teachers.'

As TELLConsult we feel honoured to have been invited to support this project the more so since -in our opinion - it is also a tribute to the results and dissemination efforts of and courses offered by the iTILT project
Also my contribution to the Opole University occasional monograph may have helped: 
Koenraad, A.L.M., (2012). Towards Effective Use of Interactive Whiteboards in the Modern Language Classroom. In Alicja Wujec Kaczmarek (ed.) Technologie informacyjne i komunikacyjne w nowoczesnej edukacji - z perspektywy polskiej i europejskiej. Opole: MODN