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TELLConsult invited to do the external evaluation of EU project PETALL

on Thu, 07/24/2014 - 22:23
As TELLConsult was invited to be the external evaluator in the EU project 'Pan European Task Activities for Language Learning' (PETALL) we attended the project's kick-off meeting, early July at Faro University, Portugal. 

In his presentation the project coordinator, Antonio Lopes, summarised the project as follows:
PETALL is an LLP transversal KA2 project, funded by the European Commission that aims to encourage the use of ICT-based tasks in the language classroom. It seeks to provide examples of good practices in technology-mediated TBLT (Task based language teaching) that can be easily used in different languages and educational contexts.

The consortium is composed  of 10 tandems, each tandem formed by a teacher training department and a junior or senior high school.
Its objectives are to encourage collaborative work between teachers in different countries and teacher trainers by setting up regional networks for the development of ICT-based tasks to:
  • to facilitate the access to technology-mediated tasks that travel well, securing the quality of the communicative exchange across cultural and geographic divides;
  • to promote mutual understanding and awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity through ICT-based TBLT;
  • to enhance the quality of teacher education in technology-mediated TBLT;
  • to develop the teachers’ digital competence.
To achieve these ends teacher training departments work together with secondary schools and experienced tandems work together with less experienced tandems, so as to create a transfer of the expertise. 
A geographical balance of partners from the North-West, the North-East, the South-East and South-West of Europe was sought. 
Each tandem forms a ‘triangle’ with two other tandems from neighbouring, where possible contiguous, countries, so that a process of triangulation can take place.
As requested I contributed a project SWOT analysis
on the basis of the application and the experiences many of the current partners shared in the ETALAGE project.
 The meeting was concluded with a most interesting guided cultural tour and final dinner in Tavira, a popular tourist resort near Faro.