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TELLConsult invited by Anglia Network Europe to contribute to EU project initiative

on Wed, 02/29/2012 - 16:24

Anglia Network Europe initiated the development of an EU project proposal and successfully submitted the project description.

The project addresses the urgent necessity to adapt adult language learning methods to the real needs of adults language learners and the growing desire from education providers to integrate the promotion of active citizenship into their curriculum. In order to obtain both objectives this project aims to develop a method for intergenerational foreign language learning.

The aim is to develop a coherent, integrated method for foreign language learning for adults, involving pupils of secondary education, which is applicable in different European countries. The project idea is based upon small scale experiments with language training for elderly people executed by pupils in secondary education which turned out to be very successful for both the pupils and the elderly people.

An important drive for the development of this project was also the fact that the specific examination structure of the Anglia network which is applied in the partner countries, appears to be an important stimulus for people without any or very limited knowledge of the English language to start learning English. Finally the education partners in the network showed great interest in developing methods to integrate civic competences by means of voluntary work into the curriculum of secondary education.

In addition to research into the state of the art in adult foreign language education the concrete objectives include:

  • The development of  a method for adults aiming at foreign language learning in general and in English in particular, involving the active participation of pupils in secondary education, involving also the use of social media
  • The execution of a pilot project in the partner countries
  • The investigation of the possibilities of adding the ‘service-learning’ activities of the pupils into the formal curriculum.

TELLConsult was invited to participate in the application and contribute to a number of the research activities that have been planned.