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TELLConsult contributed keynote to the 2011 English for Kids conference

on Sat, 09/24/2011 - 22:50

On the occasion of the European Day of Languages 2011 EFKF, the English for Kids Foundation, organized 2 days of English in Action. 

Friday 23 September was reserved for the EFKF Kids World Games, Saturday 24 September for the International Support & Teach Conference. 

Both events took place on University College Utrecht Campus and were financially supported by the European Platform.

Various volunteers presented information on the EFKF projects in India, South Africa and Ukraine they were or had been involved in.

As Head of EFKF Research & Development I was invited to provide some input and food for thought on the use of information technology for the foundation's development and for educational purposes in its international projects.
I based my presentation ´New developments in computer assisted language learning´ largely on content and main findings of two recent events I attended: the EUROCALL 2011 conference and the centennial of the Dutch association of language teachers, Levende Talen.
And more in particular the Symposium that day on the future of language education and the related views on this issue as discussed in interviews I had with the MFL/CALL experts Colpaert, Guichon, Müller-Hartmann, Davies & Lund.
The live NL discussion and the summaries of interviews are to be published on DVD later this year.
The PPT of this presentation is available for download at Slideshare.