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Tabula Alba workshop 3 on dialogic teaching

on Sat, 09/13/2014 - 16:26

On behalf of TELLConsult we ran the third, 5-day Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) workshop for the Comenius Regio Project 'Tabula Alba', the final week of September, 2014. 

As from the needs analysis three topics stood out (crucial aspects of teacher behaviour & IWB file design for interactivity and collaborative learning) I developed a week's programme with the following main themes: Dialogic teaching & learning, Collaborative learning and professional development. The latter as - after all - it is essentially a train-the trainer- trajectory where the delegates involved are also expected to start sharing insights and organise training for peers regionally.

To introduce the topic of dialogue in the classroom I gratefully based part of my input and tasks on a number of activities and resources suggested in the recently published book 'Developing Interactive Teaching and Learning using the IWB' . 



When asked about my other EU project activities I also had the opportunity to briefly present the EUROVERSITY and CAMELOT projects 

as also reported on the Euroversity Project News Page