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Results of the evaluation of 2017 KA1 Mobility application plans published

on Mon, 08/28/2017 - 21:55
Now that National Agencies in various EU countries have published the evaluation results of the 2017 CALL for KA1 Mobility application plans, we would like to inform / remind you about TELLConsult's renewed offer of courses on a range of topics related to implementing educational technology across curriculum in primary and secondary education in general
and for teachers of Modern Languages & CLIL in particular including:
Internationalisation projects, Digital video, Telecollaborative learning, Student Response Systems & assessment for learning, Introducing mobile devices, Differentiated instruction, Using touch screens and more.
For full descriptions and (pre-)registration see the 2017 - 2018 course overview here
We gladly provide further information. Pls contact us at this email address:

We also welcome requests for customised versions of specific courses (see e.g. these examples