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on Sun, 09/29/2013 - 23:59

iTILT project evaluated

The final report on the iTILT project on IWBs in language education has received a 9 out of 10 score, for which the Executive Agency responsible for Lifelong Learning Projects has congratulated the wholeteam on this “excellent achievement”.  The evaluators rated multi-lingual website “of very good quality” for its combination of “several important and well-resourced functions: as a resource for materials with immediate application in classroom setting, awareness raising components with practical tips and suggestion for use and a teaching (tutorial) component”.

The evaluators also singled out iTILT’s evaluation processes and quality assurance methods, stating that: “As a whole the project applied rigorous procedures for ensuring the usability and the quality of all project products.”  The range of dissemination activities is another iTILT strength, including social media, national and international conference participation, the iTILT Comenius course, the variety of published articles, and the website itself, which the evaluators cited as “well applied for dissemination purposes”.

Find more info on the iTILT-research results here:


Annual EuroCALL Conference
Attached the paper that also summarises the SmartVET project presented at the EUROCALL conference (see blogpost:
Am sending it as another piece of evidence of my dissem activities. Also it could be added to the deliverables with the final report, as an additional result.
Preparing for final conference of the SmartVET conference
At the final dissemination conference of the SmartVET project on IWBs in vocational education I 
A ‘road-tested’ model for training teachers/tutors in the use of IWBs – indeed a model for implementing other technologies as they come on stream. 
A web-based resource to support the building of capacity in the effective use of IWBs and an online Community of Practice to facilitate teachers sharing best practice and 
collaborating around such use.
Training Programmes, Learning Manuals and CPD materials on the effective use of IWBs to enhance teaching and learning.
A needs analysis of teachers regarding the training they feel they need to become competent in the use of IWBs
Attendance @ upcoming EUMED meeting conflicts with presentation commitments @ #SmartVET final conference  #iwb #mbo