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Long tail also in Education

on Sun, 06/05/2011 - 21:41

As George Tsioumani recently started to follow me on Twitter, I found out about his Blog 'ICT in ELT' and his interest in the WebQuest concept: [...] I regret so much that I didn't have discovered earlier.'  The comment option allowed me to share an overview of the latest developments on WebQuests in Language Education (LanguageQuests) as published in Issue 3 of CORELL,  a peer-reviewed electronic journal on computer resources in foreign language. 

This event and the recent invitation to TELLConsult  to join an EU Transfer of Innovation project  to help customise the results realised in the NL TALENQUEST project (2000-2004) for different cultural and educational contexts brought up the idea that the Long Tail concept might also be applicable in Education.

Furthermore one of  George's  recent tweets also showed another area of shared interest: Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) in language teaching. 

Although only recently started, the iTILT project  (2011-2013) may well serve his and other language (student) teachers' needs by supporting the development of research and practice-based criteria for IWB-use in language education and the provision of MFL-specific research and materials resources.